Malahat Lodge No. 107 A.F. &  A.M. 

          It has been seven years since I last had the honour of serving Malahat Lodge as Worshipful Master.  During those seven years, I have learned from and had the opportunity to support others who have worked hard to keep our lodge moving forward and a source of great pride for members as well as the community in general.
          In appointing my officers for this year, I have been guided by the axiom... To do a good job, one must surround one's self with good people.  I know I've done that with this year's slate of officers.  I am truly looking forward to working with this great group of men.
          I will be instigating a few changes for my year.  As usual, with the exception of the month of June our communication will be on the third Thursday of the month.  The changes are as follow; refreshments will begin at 1800hrs (6PM), the Festive Board will begin at 1830hrs (6:30PM), Lodge will be tyled at 1930hrs (7:30PM).  We will open the Lodge and have guest speakers and education pieces as the first order of business and then continue with the business of the lodge, such as degrees.
           I look forward to my year with great anticipation and hope to continue down the path that my predecessors have paved.  Please consider joining us to witness great lectures, brotherly love and camaraderie.

Fraternally yours.....W. Bro. Skip Whitfield