These volumes range from complete sets of Masonic Encyclopedias to books addressing a multitude of specific Masonic topics including, but not limited to,  history, ritual works, Masonic symbolism and philosophy as well as the ethics of our Craft. This subject matter extends from the conception of the Order to contemporary times.

You are well advised to take the time to familiarize yourself with this wonderful resource available to you for your intellectual studies and your personal journey towards Masonic enlightenment. 

Malahat Lodge Library



W Bro Frank Minchin

Director of Masonic Education 

R.W. Bro. Phillip Archer


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Malahat Lodge No. 107 A.F. &  A.M. 

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The Malahat Lodge Library is comprised of a significant number of hard cover books gathered over the years to provide an excellent resource for Masonic studies.

" ...... you are now permitted to extend your researches into the hidden mysteries of Nature and Science."

The library has been meticulously organized with a simple book sign out system to protect this most valuable Lodge asset.

Director of Masonic Education's Monthly Question for October 2017

The question for September was "What is the meaning of the phrase "Just, Perfect and Regular" as applied to a Masonic Lodge?"  The correct answer is: The Sacred Volume open makes it just. The number seven makes it perfect and the warrant makes it regular.

For October...

On what date will Malahat Lodge celebrate it's 100th anniversary as a regularly constituted lodge?

... Remember...Valuable Prizes may be awarded for correct answers submitted...

Send your responses to Phillip:

The correct answer will be revealed in November.